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Be your own kind of beautiful

Hello everyone, I'm here to bring you my newest collection. Celebrate your individuality and uniqueness with this kit, Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful. A stunning color bouquet of rich indigo, mauve, yellow, and mint punctuated by accents of blue, gold, and black paired with fun and funky illustrations, inspirational word art, colorful flowers, and two stunning alphas create the perfect mix of bold femininity. Why fit in when you can stand out from the crowd and be your own kind of beautiful?

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This happy place and Lukcy stars

This week I'm bringing you 2 collections again. 1 of them is the monthly collection with Ana from Sugary Fancy. And the other a fun bright solo collection.
What does your happily ever after look like? Is it a place filled with rainbows, flowers, and smiling faces? This kit makes it easy to document all those joyful occasions and everyday moments. Bursting at the seams with a plethora of – you guessed it – rainbow colors and unique elements such as realistic flowers, happy word art, coordinating wood pieces, and a variety of fasteners, along with two gorgeous alphas, this kit is sure to put a smile on your face. 

THIS HAPPY PLACEKIT | CARDS | BORDERS | BUNDLE ______________________________________

 Lush greenery, touches of golden sparkle, and a sprinkling of shamrocks can only mean one thing: it’s time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Ana and I have teamed up to bring you a gorgeous new kit packed with fun elements such as felt piece…

Let your dreams blossom and You're Epic

Hello everyone, i'm here to bring 2 new scoops, this week i worked together with Rubia and Amanda. I loved working with the themes we choose. One of them is completly spring inspired and the other more general.

The first Scoop i want to show you is made with Rubia. It is full of color, confidence and happy thoughts - ready to inspire and gently motivate you to begin doing whatever it is you’ve been dreaming of, wishing for or planning to do! Your dreams and plans are sure to grow and develop, as you enjoy scraping & journaling with this bright and cheerful collection of engaging patterns, pretty florals and sweetly encouraging word art!

LET YOUR DREAMS BLOSSOM Scoop with Studio Basic

The second scoop is a fun one with bright colors.
Epic. Awesome. Cool. Do these words describe someone you know? Amanda and I have teamed up to bring you one amazing collection designed to showcase all the people, places, and things that rock your world. A bright, cheery color palette and l…

Monkey business and Seek for rainbows

Hello everyone, Can you imagine it is March already. Time is flying already. This week i bring you 2 collections to the shoppe. Monkey Business and Seek for Rainbows.

Is there a cheeky little monkey in your life? Someone who’s precocious, mischievous, and perhaps a bit of a trouble maker? Scrap those playful adventures with this kit, full of adorable elements like wood pieces, flowers, word bits, and (of course) plenty of silly primates! Bursting with hues of green, blue, and brown with fun pops of orange and yellow, Monkey Business is perfect for every occasion, from documenting zoo trips to just capturing the antics of your own little monkeys! 
Lush greenery, blooming flowers, sunshine, and rainbows. Ahhh…sweet springtime! This kit will make you want to play outside and frolic among the bees and blooms, all while feeling the luck of the Irish! Beautiful pastel hues of green, pink, yellow…

They are troopers, Hope anchors and Flash back Finale

This weekend is the last weekend of our anniversary celebration. We had such a fun time celebrating with all of you! This time we have a Flash Back Finale...

This weekend i have for you 3 new collections, yes 3 and one of them is huge at least when you buy both.

The first 2 collections i made with my friend Amanda. Sugarbabe Krista made a request in the forum about a girl scout cookie kit. And we accepted this challenge. We even made a boy and a girl version, and the fun part is you can buy the all together in one bundle with an amazing discount.

SHE'S A TROOPER scoop with amanda
HE'S A TROOPER scoop with amanda
 Save more more when you buy the mega collection

 And the last scoop this week a very soft and delicate one with love and hope
LOVE ANCHORS scoop with Bobbie
And last but not least i have for you …

30% Storewide sale and New releases

We are in the 3th week of celebrations at Sweetshoppe. This week i bring you 2 collections. One of them is the monthly collection the other is a re-release, we are also celebrating with a Storewide 30% sale all New releases are included as well. You can check this all out right HERE

Included in the sale are my 2 newest collections to Sweetshoppe The first is my monthly scoop with ana, February is here so that means a love inspired collection.

Also i brought back home to the shoppe

Well i wish you all a wonderfull weekend!!!