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Around the world Serie debuts: Italy

Hello everyone. I'm sorry for not sending anything the last few weeks it seems i needed a little break with social media etc. But I'm all fresh back to everything and happy to announce that my around the world serie with Amanda is debuting this weekend with our first country: Italy.
I wish to go there once since i never have been and the country is so breathtaking and romantic. I love their landscapes, their foods and the people are so heartwarming as well.

Well i hope this all finds you good. And see you soon again

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iNSD Celebrations and lots of new products!!

Yay it is time to celebrate one of the most wonderful days of the year. And we are celebrating this a whole weekend long! But firstly i hope you have a good seat because this post is going to be very lo9ng with lots of amazing deals and yummy stuff!!

Isn't this amazing!?? And believe these 3 really are huge and very beautiful I can tell because i scrapped with them as well...

Anyway off showing you all the new stuff I jave for you this weekend.
 ____________________________________ WALK THE PLANK Scoop with Simone
 __________________________________ DEAR MOM Scoop with Blagovesta Gosheva
 _________________________________ And last but not at least i have for you 2 all new Pocket Addict packs

WellI'm off scrapping this weekend because i promised my kids to make them their own book each lol. So i have to do something.

A royal Life for you!

Hello Everyone

Hear ye, hear ye! Make way for a “royally” adorable kit! My latest release, A Royal Day, is the perfect choice for your most cherished little prince and princess photos. Various shades of blue and orange create a non-traditional color scheme for all your royal subjects, perfect for Disney trips, dress-up, and any other special occasion. Crowns, stars, flowers, and fleurs-de-lis, along with an adorable lion and castle outline, are the highlights of this whimsical kit. Also included in the bundle are two add-on minis, great for celebrating both Dutch and American holidays.

I made this kit last year inspired by our yearly Kings Day to celebrate our Kings birthday. On this day our whole country is coloring orange.

Also i decided to re-release Pocket Addict No. 6

And be prepared next weekend is iNSD. And we are celebrating …

Live with goals new in the shop

Hello everyone...

My only boy is playing soccer and as a real soccer mom i was inspired to create this fun and happy soccer kit. Perfect for boys and girls.

Calling all soccer fans and soccer moms! Whether you like to play, watch or watch someone play, My latest kit, Live With Goals, has you covered! A vibrant color scheme of orange, green, and blue offsets neutral tones of (what else?!) black and white. Full of themed elements such as soccer balls, trophies, cleats, and cones, along with a fun, matching alpha, this kit works for all your soccer-related photos. And of course, there are plenty of non-themed elements too, such as flowers, ribbons, buttons, and greenery, perfect for accomplishing all your scrapping “goals!”

Live with goals KIT | CARDS | WORDBITS | BUNDLE

In the mean while i'm working on iNSD stuff wich will be celebrated the weekend of May 6. And i think you will like it a lot!

Eye catcher of the week!

Morning morning all! CTM Jenna saying hello and bringing this week's EYE CATCHER!
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday. It was a nice warm weekend for us and unfortunately our 3 year old came down with a cold, so I'm here trying to get him to overcome this and hoping the flu shot he received over a month ago will ensure it won't get any worse OR last too long. He's just been sick too much and I am sure he is tired of it!

Not to get side-tracked, this week's pick is by BCNATTY with her page named Bloom & Grow. I love the large photo, and very sweet I might add, no?! ...and those large clusters, stunning!!
Congrats hon! Let's all go leave her some love, kk?! TY lovies!

She used Wendy's scoop with Ana called April: Grow Happy See you next time again!

April: Grow happy is here

Hello Hello...
Happy Easter everyone. With all the preparations i forgot to pre-make my blogpost. Anyway i have a little time now so i can show you what i have for you this weekend.

The first one is my Monthly collection with Ana April is already halfway gone. How is this happening so fast?? April is the month of growing plants and animals and it is making us all so happy to see this happen.

GROW HAPPY scoop with sugary fancy KIT | CARDS | BUNDLE

And last but not at least i decided to re-release Beep bop for love. I still love how these 2 little robots turned out.


I wish you all a beautiful Easter weekend. I know we are going to the zoo tomorrow with the family. Enjouying our time together.

Eye catcher of the week

Hola my loves! Jenna here bringing you Wendy's EYE CATCHER OF THE WEEK! I know I'm really late at posting, but I was running back and forth doing errands and then picked up my mom from the hospital. She is home and resting. Phew...
Well, it was difficult to pick an EYE CATCHER because the whole point is to pick a page from a NON-CT member, but there was just not one, unless I am blind tonight? So without further ado, I am going to select this page by Imperio (Em) who created such a STUNNING page named Dreams are Whispers from your Soul using Wendy's Masumi kit, which is GORGEOUS.
So let's go to her page and leave her some love why don't ya?! Congrats hon, WELL DESERVED!

She used Masumi foun HERE
See you next time!